The Egg Waiting Game!

All the Geoemyda spengleri females have been mated for 2012 and now the egg waiting game begins!  At this time I really feed the females heavier than normal to build up sufficient nutrients for egg development and laying.  Nightcrawlers and pinky mice are used as a treat for females that are about to become gravid.  They are small turtles but the females can devour a pinky mouse with no problem!  I tend to use frozen/thawed pinky mice rather than live as it is cheaper, easier, and not as gruesome to watch!  If you are planning on breeding your Geoemyda spengleri, be sure and give the females plenty of egg laying spots!  They don’t dig quite as deep of a nest as other turtle species but they will appreciate a mossy area to “sweep” over the eggs.  This area should be humid but not wet.  Remove the eggs immediately to be incubated in a separate container.  G. spengleri can sometimes accidentally crack their eggs.   G. japonica will sometimes EAT their eggs!  It’s always safest if you remove the eggs away from the adults.


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